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Pork Variety Bundle - June

Pork Variety Bundle - June


Ready beginning of JUNE - Plan to pick up/delivered during the month of June.

This is a great opportunity to stock up your freezer in one trip! 145lbs of pork cuts plus lots of yummy ground pork. For those choosing to pick up directly from us, you can expect your bundle to come in 4 cardboard boxes for easy transport.

What you can expect in your bundle....

1lb pkgs of Ground Pork = 84lbs

3lb pkgs of Loin Roast = 32lbs

5lb pkgs of Whole Fresh Side = 10lbs

.5-1lb pkgs of Tenderloin = 4lbs

2.3lb pkgs of Spare Ribs = 11lbs

.5-1lb pkgs of Organ Meats (kideny, heart, tongue) = 4lbs

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