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October 2021 Newsletter

Turkeys coming soon...We are coming close to that time of year! We will have pasture raised, gmo-free pasture raised turkeys for Thanksgiving coming online soon. Our team has been working hard this Summer to bring you mouth-watering, full of flavor and nutritious turkey for your special thanksgiving dinner!We will have extra small all the way to extra large turkeys this year and for those beyond Virginia will have small and medium sizes available. These will all be online starting the end of October.  We will send an email when they are online, so you can be one of the first to reserve your turkey and get the size you want!We expect to have plenty in every size, but do be sure to get your order in by the beginning of November! We know there is always lots of questions, so please be sure to checkout this Turkey F.A.Q. page here for all of your turkey questions. If you can't find your answer, as always please let us know. We are happy to help!Sincerely,LauraP.S. Local VA Farm Friends - Scroll to the bottom to checkout NEW DROP SITE LOCATIONS!Back In StockThanks for your patience!Great news!  Bratwurst Links, Boston Butt (Bone-In), Picnic Roast, Chorizo Bulk, & Pork Tenderloin are all back in stock again!Also be sure to checkout GROUND TURKEY. We know it's been awhile, but we are excited to have it back again!YUM!Shop PorkShop TurkeyFarrow to Finish On-FarmFarmer Jordan here is the mastermind behind building new farm items like pig waterers, shelters, feeders, along with chicken brooders and shelters.We just ended our annual 4 day premier on-farm Farrow to Finish and Marketing School geared towards people who either want to get into Sustainable Outdoor Farming or want to bring their operation to the next level.Did you know the average farmer age in America is in their 60's? We find this statistic troubling and want to help in training up new farmers to help feed America with sustainably raised meats! We need more farmers!So Thank You for supporting us, American Farmers, and together we restore lost farmland, build topsoil, and feed us well into the future.Learn More about how we raise our Pigs - HEREMaking Pulled PorkHave you ever made pulled pork that has everyone drooling around the kitchen table? This recipe is sure to gather the family and have them asking for more!This recipe is one of our favorites, if you enjoy lighter meat, cook with the fresh ham or if you enjoy darker meat cook with the boston butt or picnic roast.Whatever you decide, grab your roast and plan a BBQ Dinner.Recipe HereNEW Drop SitesExciting NewsWe have some new drop site locations and wanted to be sure you heard, so that if one of these new locations or times makes things easier for you to pick up, feel free to change your pick-up location. McLean - 8403 Honeywood Ct, McLean @ 2:15 p.m.Annandale - 3813 Poe Ct, Annandale @ 3:40 p.m.Burke - 6615 Bestwicke Road @ 4:30 p.m.Manassas - 10266 Battleview Pkwy @ 5:50 p.m.Alexandria - 7606 Kingsbury Rd @ 7:15 p.m.Local Friends?Do you know a friend who lives in one of these areas? Please help and take a minute to spread the word. Thank you for your support!Virginia Drop Sites - See Schedule HereThank you for taking the time to learn more about our farm in this newsletter! We call you our farm friend, because we see you as friend's of our farm. So thanks for being you and supporting our farm in the way you do! We look forward to hearing from you soon!- LauraFill Up Your Shopping Cart

September 2021 Newsletter

Busy With Chickens!We've got a lot going on with poultry these days! We move groups of chickens and turkeys to fresh grass each morning, topping off their food and water and saying hi to the friendly guardian dogs. Throughout the entire summer every other week, we bring a new batch of chicks or turkey poults into the brooder, to begin their life here on the farm. And every week, we process a batch of fresh chicken to keep the freezer stocked with whole broilers and all our favorite chicken cuts.If you ask us what Summer means, we'll say "chickens!"Processing DayOn average, our crew processes between 300 and 400 chickens per week.We believe in treating every animal with respect from the moment we receive them through harvesting day. We know this isn't something that most people want to think about, but there are many questions that are left open that many don't know what that process looks like and how to form a question to better understand.So for those wanting to learn more, we highly recommend watching Green Farm Life, Episode 5. It's a very educational episode (video) we recorded to help shed light for our farm friends to be more informed of the process.Watch "Green Farm Life"Turkeys on PastureWe raise several batches of turkey throughout the growing season to have delicious, nutrition packed turkey meat for your Thanksgiving Dinner! In order to do this, it's important to have fresh green grass and bugs in their diet, so this means raising them throughout the Summer Time.During this past month the turkeys were big enough to move onto open grass from their movable shelter designed to keep them safe while they were little.They walked happily across the field and into their new paddock with a little direction from the crew.Learn More about how we raise our Turkeys - HEREHOW TO COOK A CHICKENHave you ever felt intimidated by cooking a whole broiler chicken? Wondered about crock pot vs. oven, basting and cooking times? Check out this step by step guide for multiple ways to cook your pasture raised broiler to perfection - without the fuss!Recipe HereChicken Bundles Available Again!  We're excited to offer our Whole Bird Bundle and our Chicken Parts Bundle again. Chicken sure is a staple at our house, anyone else?Checkout these bundles and see if stocking your freezer with one of these bundles is a good fit for your family.Chicken BundlesThank you for taking the time to learn more about our farm in this newsletter! We call you our farm friend, because we see you as friend's of our farm. So thanks for being you and supporting our farm in the way you do! We look forward to hearing from you soon!- LauraFill Up Your Shopping Cart

August 2021 Newsletter

Our Full Speed Summer The grass is tall and the weather is steamy here! During the summer months, our cows move weekly to new pasture, the pigs rotate through both fields and woods, and the chickens go to a fresh patch of grass each morning.  We're adding fresh chicken to the freezer weekly, and new batches of piglets are being born. It's always busy around here! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Piglets!  Our momma sows give birth to piglets twice each year. With many groups of sows spread out across the farm, we sometimes have several sets farrowing (giving birth) at once! Piglets might be our favorite animals on the farm. They love to nibble the fresh pasture and explore the woods nearby, but they never stray far from their moms. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chickens on pasture Our chickens rotate to fresh pasture each morning. They happily eat the mix of grasses and hunt for stray bugs!  We are "sold out" on the benefits of pastured poultry - it makes all the difference for the chickens, for the land and for our customers.  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanksgiving Turkeys We're already preparing turkeys for your Thanksgiving table!  Pasture raised turkeys live in the field till they are 15-20 weeks, taking in many months of grass and sunlight during the spring and summer.  These turkeys offer a nutrient dense, lean meat packed with flavor. Look for all our turkey cuts available on the website!  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contented Cows  Our Cows enjoy a total pasture-raised lifestyle. This means we use a rotational grazing technique so that they are moved to graze on patches of fresh, pesticide-free grass every few days. Why do we choose pasture-raised? We're ensuring that our cows are eating a nutrient-dense diet of seasonal forage and grasses, while naturally fertilizing the soil on our farm! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Last Tour of the Season is Soon! Our final farm tour for 2021 is August 28th! Be sure to bring your family and friends for a guided walk around the farm to learn about how we raise our animals in step with nature. Bratwursts are available for preorder with your ticket! As always, kids come free! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recipe: Chicken Enchiladas  These chicken enchiladas are a family favorite.  Packed with tender shredded chicken in cream sauce, they're very easy to make, and great for making ahead as a freezer meal. View Recipe ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stock up today on your favorite chicken cuts, sausages, pork chops, steaks, stir fry and more. Your next nourishing meal starts here!