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BBQ Burger Recipe Bundle

BBQ Burger Recipe Bundle

For Laura's Texas BBQ Burgers

Nothing says summer like a juicy burger - especially one that combines Laura's secret meat blend and favorite seasonings, BBQ sauce, and a sweet-like-summer pineapple ring. 🍍

This convenient one-click Recipe Bundle pulls together the 6 packages (total) of ground beef and garlic loose sausage you'll need to make 2 full recipes of Laura's Texas BBQ Burgers.

We sized the bundle to accomodate average families and regular-size freezers, but if you have the appetites and the space, feel free to grab multiple bundles to meet your family's needs.

Leftovers reheat great for lunches. Or freeze extra patties to run the meal again another night.

Dinner's more fun when you have an awesome new recipe to try, and the exact ingredients you need right at your fingertips.

A great way to try a fantastic recipe! Makes 24 burgers.

Bundle contains:
2lbs garlic loose sausage (2 pkgs)
4lbs ground beef (4 pkgs)

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