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Forested Pork

Forest & Pasture Pork
Making the best tasting pork starts with putting the pig back in it’s natural habitat. To start out all our pigs are born and raised here on our farm. From their first day they can snuffle the dirt, play in the leaves and live the ultimate pig life.
Pigs are not an herbivore so they must have some type of feed in their diet. Our pigs are feed a combination of GMO-free grains, peanuts and during the fall months apples from local orchards. Approximately 50% of our hog feed comes from “waste” sources, reducing the number of acres needed for conventional grain production. They also eat a lot of grasses & forages, acorns, hickory nuts & walnuts during the fall and hay during the winter. This diet diversity along with plenty of exercise makes our pork taste out of this world!  SEE AND TASTE THE DIFFERENCE IN EVERY BITE!

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